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1 Feb

The Art of Travel & Style B’Spoke Style Tells All

The Travel Suitcase for Derby Day 2016 by Jennifer Austin

Derby Day is one of the many prestigious Spring Racing Carnival events leading up to the Melbourne Cup but what makes Derby Day special is it’s classic black and white dress code.

I’m travelling from Sydney to Melbourne for the day which means I have to pack light – from the plane straight to the event means a top to toe perfect wardrobe in order.

I wore a white lace dress by Leo Salinas and for hair accessories, beautiful hair jewellery by Sally Skoufis.

My job for the day was to spot and interview ladies with most outrageous and interesting outfits.

Midi length full skirts dominated as well as midi length pencils. I think midi is the “it” length for racing fashion as it always looks elegant and ensures you are looking your lady-like best.

Millinery trends are always hard to pick, as the possibilities of what you can wear or do with a hat are endless. Hats can be made from just about anything and I mean anything…

There was a wide variety of millinery styles; some beautiful crowns, boaters, perchers and new intricate shapes and even some 3D printing. But my personal favourite headwear at the moment is hair jewellery.

And lastly here are things you need to pack in your bag to avoid Race Day catastrophe.

Repair kit – needles and threads, bandaids and bobby pins. Emergency kit – flat shoes, sunscreen, snacks and umbrella.

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