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About OC Fashion Week


OC Fashion Week® is a global organization dedicated to international fashion trade and commerce.  Its advocacy program is built on its economy’s purchasing power as an indisputable fashion leader in the United States.  With over $37 billion spent in retail, and a median household income over the national average, the OC has raised the profile of fashion in the United States as a fashion metropolis without the aid of Los Angeles County. Its market of luxury goods and retail has superseded  some of the leading fashion capital in per capita spend.

Orange County Fashion Week is luxury retail metropolis of the California Riviera, its year-round sunny beach weather has attracted multitude of coastal luxury high fashion boutiques to the world’s leading international shopping destinations.  OC Fashion Week’s market purchasing power exudes and sometimes exceeds most fashion capital spend due to its tourism and local residence, making it an ideal incubator for both emerging and established brands to launch and prevail.